VISION AND MISSION (as candidate for the IOM Deputy Director General, June 2019)


As migration patterns become increasingly complex, IOM will work with governments and partners to redefine and adopt the existing international cooperation frameworks and to enable the creation of an environment that promotes a safe, orderly and regular migration to benefit migrants and host communities. Vital to this endeavor are strategies that are not only effective in responding to crises and shaping solutions, but also innovative. Migrants and host communities, women and men, girls and boys, remain at the heart of the work.



Human mobility and displacement in the modern era demand greater coherence and inter-agency cooperation. IOM will evolve to anticipate the demands of governments and the needs of migrants in transit, origin and destination locations. Using its delegated moral and expert authority, IOM will contribute to reshaping how the world understands migration, particularly its context, its drivers and dynamics, and its potential benefits if we are collectively willing to invest in the inclusion and well-being of migrants. IOM will work closely with UNHCR and other agencies to ensure a unified response that is necessary to tackle the challenges that the next decades will pose. Partnerships for better and more effective migration management at the inter-states and inter-agency levels will remain central in shaping solutions.


We must be more innovative in our solutions. Migrants cannot be regarded merely as beneficiaries of aid, but rather as drivers of development and progress in their own families, in their extended communities, and in the world. IOM and governments must work with migrants and host communities to devise sustainable responses to crises that do not merely mitigate negative impacts, but also enables migrants to be a resource for development. Inclusion and empowerment must be better integrated into our global approach to harness the potential of human mobility.


Evolving migration patterns require an evolving response. As the core values of IOM, being integrity, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, and efficiency, remain intact, the structure of the organization, as well as its staff, must be adapted to new challenges to ensure impact. Working closely with the Director General, we will ensure that IOM’s administration and operational delivery is further enhanced by transparent, accountable and agile mechanisms. Knowledge management, to the benefit of internal and external audiences, will be a key area of investment.